Your Next Car Fits in Your Pocket

Freedom to Roam

Get a new Prius for the day, delivered to your door.

Bring it back anywhere, even to a different location. Payments and booking all through your phone.

Free delivery & pickup. Free insurance. No late fees. Unlimited mileage. FasTrak in all cars. No hidden fees.

Always start with a full tank. We refuel for you at pump price.

Introductory rate: $69/day. That's it.

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Delivery Zone

Upshift will deliver a car anywhere within the outlined zone in select areas of San Francisco. We'll be expanding to more areas soon so sign up and we'll come to your 'hood next!

You can drop off your car anywhere in the delivery zone when you're done, even a different location from where you started!

Bookings can be as last minute as one hour in advance or up to a month ahead. For early morning bookings before 9 am, please notify us no later than 8 pm the night before. 

Our service is available from 8 am to 8 pm every day

How It Works:

Getting From A to C

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A. Get a Prius Delivered

B. Get Out of Town

C. Leave it Anywhere in Our SF Delivery Zone

Better than Car Rental or Ownership

Don't Own a Car?

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You use rideshare around town and carshare for your occasional IKEA run but you're tired of dealing with the rental counter experience at SFO when you want to head to Tahoe? You can get a ride at the tap of a button. Why can't you get a car for the day just as easily? Now you can.

Already Own a Car?

The romance is over. You know that moment in a relationship where you want out, but you just don't know how to leave? That's how you feel about your car. You had some fun times, but it's long lost its spark. Dodging the meter maid and hoping the transmission doesn't blow? It's time to Upshift.

You're Safe With Us

Every booking comes with our custom insurance policy at no additional fee.

No more expensive insurance upsell or worries about coverage. 

More information is available here.

What People Are Saying About Us

"Carsharing in general comes with restrictions, Upshift does not. Upshift offers a completely unique experience than all other carsharing services. Pickup and drop off coordination is swift and dictated by the user. Their team is flexible to trip changes or varied drop off locations, always willing to meet my needs. I had a wonderful experience and will be a repeat user, without doubt."
– Calvin G.
"I've been a Zipcar member for 5 years now, and frankly this idea is light-years ahead of what's currently available in San Francisco. The benefits over hourly/daily rental are massive."
– Owais A.

Still have questions? See our FAQMembership Agreement, or Insurance page to learn more.