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Example & Explanation:
This is the hidden text that was revealed when the header was clicked. Such hidden text is generally related to the main header which opens them. You can add any number of collapsible headers. Clicking on the header when the text is seen hides the text. Additionally if a header is clicked it will automatically close any open text related to any other header while opening its own hidden text.

This script works with all the newer versions of browsers like IE5+, NS6, Opera and Firefox.
This script does not work with older browsers like NSv4.x but degrades very well.

This is one of the most compact scripts of this nature that you can find in any JavaScript archives.

Application fee

One time fee that covers the cost of running a background check on your driver’s record.



Late Return

If you want to return early, please provide at least 1 hour notice before your new intended return time. If you want to extend your rental and return later than expected, please give us at least 1 hour notice before the end of your original booking end time. 

Up to 5 hours extra time: $49 half day rate

Over 5 hours extra time: full day rate