It's Simple.

The flexible, consistent, and reliable way to head out of town, get to a meeting, or replace your car when it breaks down.

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Text when and where you need a car to 415-319-8774. No app to download!



We deliver a new, clean Prius to your door. Always get iOS & Android charging cables, 3 USB ports & a phone mount.



Go anywhere with unlimited mileage, FasTrak, 24/7 roadside assistance and a full tank of gas.



Return anywhere in our San Francisco zone. Your concierge refuels for you at pump price. Never park or refuel again.

We Deliver


Concierge delivery and return anywhere in our San Francisco zone. Drive anywhere for as long as you like in between. Concierge hours from 8am–8pm daily. Please provide a minimum of 1 hour advance notice. We refuel for you at pump price and clean cars between each booking.


Concierge Service Zone

Concierge Service Zone


Eco Chic 


Get a new, white 4th Generation Prius. Every time. Finally– get a mind blowing 54 MPG without sacrificing acceleration, performance, or style. Green is the new black. Synch your phone via bluetooth or integrated USB port to an intuitive touchscreen infotainment system that just works. Enough space for all your friends, bicycles, surfboards, skis, dog crate, or that big IKEA run. You'd almost think it was a SUV, it's so roomy.



The Experience You Have Been Waiting For.

"The convenience of getting the car delivered to me at work, and then having it picked up after my return at home, has been stellar." –David B.

“It’s really nice not to have to lug all our stuff to pick the car up.”  –Sarah C.

“You book by texting which I actually appreciate.” –Alex D.

"By far the best on demand rental service I've ever used (and I've used most of them)." –Brian R.

"When our plans changed the next morning, we simply texted to extend the reservation so we could hike around Muir Woods." –Pitichoke C.

“I loved not even having to *think* about filling up gas, much less bother finding a gas station!”  –Maia B.

Simple and All Inclusive.

Full coverage insurance, delivery, and taxes included. No hidden fees. Concierge refueling service. No markup on fuel and toll charges.

Extend any half day to a full day for $24. Sign up for a membership plan using the form below.


Registration: $25 (free for a limited time)

Weekday Half Day (5 hours): $65

Weekday: $89/day

Weekends: $99/day

Holiday: $109/day

Week: $499 ($599 during holidays)

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On Demand members can book a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 24 hours in advance of their trip. A half day is up to 5 hours, available Monday 8am until Friday 6pm only. No half days on holidays. A full day is any 6-24 hour period. Weekends are Friday 6pm until Sunday 8pm. See FAQ for holiday dates.


5 Half Days: $299

5 Full Days: $399

Pre-pay for 5 trips and get up to 10% off.

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Credits expire if unused within 6 months. Flexpass members can book a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 24 hours in advance of their trip. $10/day additional premium applies for weekends with a $20/day additional premium for holidays.

Car Shareholder

Unlimited Weekends: $249/mo

Unlimited Midweek 1/2 Days: $329/mo

Unlimited Midweek Overnights: $249/mo

Combine 2 or 3 packages: 5% discount

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Car Shareholders can get a Prius any time they want during the time window of their plan. Usage outside of these time windows is billed at our normal rates. Weekends are Friday 6pm until Monday 8am. Midweek is Monday 8am until Friday 6pm. Overnight is Sunday through Thursday 6pm–8am. Car Shareholders can book a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 7 days advance, up to 6 days earlier than all other members. During holidays, pay only the difference between regular and holiday rate. No refunds for unused partial months. Memberships are limited with priority given to those who have already used our service.


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Still have questions? See our FAQ, Insurance, or Membership Agreement pages.