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Or text 'upshift' to +1 415 319 8774.

How it Works

Get a new Prius delivered in San Francisco – clean and fully fueled. Every time. Whether you have occasional or regular needs for a car, we have a plan for you- learn more!

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Text when and where you need a Prius to 415-319-8774. We'll send you a link to create an account. No app to download!



We deliver a new, clean Prius to your door, every time. Always get a phone mount, 3 USB ports and iOS/Android charging cables.



Go anywhere with full insurance, unlimited mileage, FasTrak, 24/7 roadside assistance and a full tank of gas.



Get valet parking anywhere in our San Francisco zone when you are done. Your concierge refuels for you at pump price. Never park or refuel again.